Candle Collaboration

I know some of you have bought candles from me in the past, and the feedback was great. You wanted more scents and I totally understand that. But, that is not where my creative heart lies. Fortunately, some friends of mine are olfactory wizards and have been concocting some of the best smells EVER! I’m excited to announce that White Fox Black Koi Candle Co are going to start making their amazing candles in my beautiful containers. I believe that they will only have them available at in person shows, since each piece is unique. It’s a work of art for your eyes and your nose! They have an unboxing video to show off the new containers I made exclusively for them on Facebook and on Instagram.

They expect to have our collaborative candles ready for the Made in Ohio Festival that takes place at Hale Farm on September 3-5. Check their events page to find them and let them know I sent you!

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