Is it really concrete?

Is it really concrete?

I’ve been getting questioned about my material more frequently of late. “Is this concrete or is it really cement? Grout?” and the like. 

Think about paints for a moment. There are many kinds of paint out there, used for many different purposes. There is oil paint, watercolor, enamel, spray paint, and so on. You can paint a house, or a table, or a piece of wall art. You wouldn’t use watercolor to paint a house, but you also wouldn’t (typically) paint a work of art with enamel house paint.

The same is true of concrete. I wouldn’t try to make a sidewalk with my mix, but it suits its intended purpose well. 

Cement, think rubber cement, is like glue. Under the right conditions, it bonds and hardens. Concrete is a mixture of cement, solids (like gravel or sand), reinforcement (rebar, hemp, fiber, or the like) and other additives. Grout is a cement mix with fine sand aggregate. My mix is an artisan mix. It is a very fine mix with integral pigments, fine silica, polymer, and fiber reinforcement. I use ingredients that make it smooth, strong, and beautiful. When I make my mix, I am using quite a few ingredients. Its composition changes depending on what I am trying to make.

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