Hi, I’m Eric, and I do everything here. I am the artist, laborer, accountant, web admin, promoter, marketer, purchaser, and sales staff.

I make unique art, décor, and jewelry using my artisan mix of pigmented concrete. Each and every piece is unique. The colors swirl and mix differently every single time I make a pour.

After growing up in New Hampshire and Maine, I went to Marietta College and studied Studio Art, earning my BA in 1994. My focus then was on painting and drawing, but that's not where my heart ended up.

Today, I am in my sixth year of making pieces using pigmented concrete. I travel around Ohio and into Pennsylvania, displaying my work at art and craft shows. I am always trying something new. Lately, I have been making wall and freestanding art by using my concrete mix on stretched canvas and in conjunction with custom laser cut clear acrylic.

I learned to work with concrete as a medium from my sister and her husband. They use pigmented concrete for countertops and décor. I was inspired by the unique effects they were achieving with the material.

Please feel free to reach out to me using the email or Facebook Messenger links at right if you have any general questions or requests about my services. Calling me usually goes to voice mail, since I'm frequently doing something in the studio that I cannot just walk away from.

I will try my best to respond back to you within 24 hours.



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